Ardyss International Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the different ways of joining Ardyss International?

  1. Power Pack: Ideal for someone who wants to maximize profits through the bonuses and commissions available only through the power pack program. You become eligible by joining the power start program.
  2. Autoship: Ideal for people who want to consume the products and automate their business.
  3. Membership: It is ideal for people who just want to buy and sell the products.

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What documents should I send when joining Ardyss?

If the registration is through the Internet it is not necessary to send any documents. If the registration is made by phone you must send the Ardyss contract (which includes the W-9 Form) and AutoShip contract to Ardyss. These forms are available in your Back Office.

How do I change the placement of my personal enrollees?

If the Distributor you want to move was enrolled directly by you, you have 60 days to make the movement within your same downline. You can do it yourself from your Back Office in the "Waiting Room" section. If you want to move a personally enrolled distributor after 60 days, please follow the policy in our procedures in your back office document.


What is the Ardyss Direct Sales commission?

Direct sales commission is the profit from selling any product to a person who is not enrolled in Ardyss. The margin Ardyss suggests is 40%. If you are registered in AutoShip you'll get a free webpage where your friends can buy online. The profits generated by this method are reflected in your monthly commission check.

What is the Ardyss Express Bonus?

This bonus pays 20% (30% if you are on AutoShip) of the Value Points (VP) of the first purchase of each new distributor directly enrolled by you. This bonus is capped at $90USD per Distributor. It is essential to meet the minimum monthly purchase to qualify for this bonus. Not paid on Power Pack orders.

What is the Ardyss Enrollment Relationship Bonus?

This bonus pays 10% of the Value Points (VP) of all purchases made by all the Distributors who were personally enrolled by you no matter where they were placed in your downline. It is essential to meet the minimum monthly purchase to qualify for this bonus.

What is the Ardyss Unilevel Bonus?

This bonus pays 5% of the Value Points (VP) of all purchases made for your organization through a set number of levels. The higher your rank, the deeper you can collect. Compression applies on this bonus. Compression are those levels that do not have qualified purchases and are not taken into account (they are jumped) making the Distributor get more earnings in depth. It is essential to meet the minimum monthly purchase to qualify for this bonus.  

What is the Ardyss Generational Bonus?

This bonus pays an additional percentage for every Manager-B or generation (or above) developed under your organization. The higher your rank is, the greater the number of generations you can collect. This bonus pays after you reach at least the Manager-A rank. It is essential to meet the minimum monthly purchase to qualify for this bonus.

What is Ardyss Car Bonus?

This bonus pays you a fixed amount of money if you reach and maintain your rank and higher set volume for at least 2 consecutive months (40% rule applies). If you drop one rank of your maximum rank achieved you receive half of the bonus. It is essential to meet the minimum monthly purchase to qualify for this bonus.

What is the Ardyss Rank bonus?

This bonus is obtained monthly for achieving and maintaining your Rank month after month in the company (40% rule applies). It is essential to meet the minimum monthly purchase to qualify for this bonus.

What is the Ardyss Presidential Pool?

This is an exclusive bonus for Presidential Ranks. You can earn a percentage of the overall sales value points across the companies USA volume. This bonus is distributed quarterly to all Presidents that meet a certain set GQP Volume with a development of a new Distributor to a Manager-A rank (40% rule applies) within the quarterly period. This new Distributor should not have been a higher rank that coordinator in the past. It is essential to meet the minimum monthly purchase to qualify for this bonus.

What is the $3,000 Ardyss Presidential Pool Bonus?

If you earned a share in the Presidential Pool and develop a new Distributor from Coordinator to a President in two consecutive quarters (or less) will receive an extra $3,000 USD. This bonus is only paid once no matter how many may achieve this qualification. It is not paid for each person who you help reach these goals.


What is the Ardyss Power Start?

Power start is a special promotional bonus. The objective is to achieve month by month a predefined plan that includes goals on Enrolling and Group Qualification Points. It is a requirement to have joined the company with the Power Pack Package within the first 90 days after you joined Ardyss. It is essential to meet the minimum monthly purchase to qualify for this bonus.

What are the goals that I have to meet in the Ardyss Power Start program?

Each month you must finish with a number of personally enrolled active Distributors and a number of Group Qualification Points (40% rule Applied); there is a chart that includes the first 40 months of your career in Ardyss that shows each goal you must achieve.

How many Bonuses exist in the Ardyss Power Start Program?

There are 3 Bonuses. If you reach the goals on the indicated month in the chart you earn the "On Time" bonus. If you accomplish the goals after the preset time, you earn the "Off Time" bonus. You can earn the "Matching Bonus" which consist of the same "On Time" bonus of your direct enrolled Distributors if they achieve their goals "On Time".

What is the Ardyss Power Pack Bonus?

It's a one time only bonus that you earn when you personally enroll someone on the Power Pack.

What is the first working month in Ardyss Power Start?

The first working month on Power Start adds the remaining days of the month you enrolled to Ardyss plus all the following full month.

What if I don't buy the Ardyss Power Pack when I Join Ardyss?

If you buy your Power Pack after 90 days you cannot participate in the Power Start program. If you bought your Power Pack before 90 days but after you joined Ardyss, you will lose the bonus for the months you didn't participate.

When will I receive my first Ardyss Power Start check?

Your first commission check will be paid on the close of the working month, which can be at least 30 days and the most 60 days (see first month of work).

What is the minimum purchase that an Ardyss Distributor has to make to be considered as active?

One of the requirements of the Power Start program is to finish with a certain amount of personally enrolled Active Distributors each month. A Distributor has to have at least 50 Personal Qualification Points to be active (PQP).

What is the Ardyss Matching Bonus?

Is the bonus that you earn when you help your direct enrolled Distributors to achieve their goals on time in the Power Start program. In order to earn the Matching Bonus your participant must be enrolled directly by you no matter where you place him in your downline. The Matching Bonus will be discontinued if your participant reaches a higher Rank or volume on the chart than you.

Is there a cost for issuing Ardyss commission checks?

There is no fee when the check amount is under $200 USD. There is a $5.00 fee when the check is higher than 200 USD.


What are the benefits to be enrolled in Ardyss AutoShip (Recurring Order)?

Several benefits, such as reducing your monthly minimum personal purchase. The products are received in the comfort of your home. You have a discount on all shipments. You pay tax on the wholesale price on your Autoship orders. You get a free website to sell online & receive more benefits in the Compensation Plan.

How can I change my Ardyss AutoShip?

You can do this online through your Back Office or by phone (1-866-811-5499) at least 3 days prior to the date of process. In the case the modification is made after the scheduled date, the changes will not be affected until the following month. Make sure your purchase covers your minimum monthly personal purchase to receive a commission check.

What products can I purchase in my Ardyss AutoShip?

All products except the reshaping Ardyss line.


How do I place an order when I am an Ardyss Distributor?

If you are an Ardyss distributor, the quickest way to place your order is through the Internet. Login to your Back Office and go to the "Buy" section. You can also enter your order by telephone or in some of our stores across the country. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major Credit and Debit cards. In Ardyss stores cash is accepted.

Can I change or cancel an Ardyss Distributor order?

For an Ardyss Distributor who places an order through Ardyss, an order cannot be modified or canceled once payment is made.

How do I know the status of my Ardyss Distributor order?

You can check the progress of your order through your Back Office. In the section "Order history" you can find the Status of your order and the Fedex, USPS tracking number if it has already been shipped.

What is Ardyss Back Order and how does it work?

Back Order means the product you requested is not in stock at the moment and we are receiving it soon. The purchase of Back Order products will count for your commissions. The products you order on Back Order may arrive in a separate package in 10 to 15 business days.


What do I need to do in order to start receiving Ardyss commissions?

Fill the W-9 form Online, have your Social Security Number (SSN) on the system and reach your personal minimum purchase depending on your rank.

How and when will I receive my commission checks?

Ardyss calculates the commission checks the last day of each month, and they are sent by regular mail service weekly or monthly. (Direct Deposit is Available)

What is the Ardyss Distributor minimum monthly personal purchase?

It depends on the reached rank during the month. If you have the rank of Consultant, Coordinator or Supervisor, your monthly personal minimum purchase is $ 150 or $ 100 if you are registered in AutoShip. If you have the rank of Manager-A or above your minimum is $ 250 or $ 200 if you are registered with AutoShip.

What is the 1099 Form and when do I receive it?

It is an annual tax return. Ardyss mails this form on or before January 31st of each year. It is sent only to those who have generated income over $600.00 USD in the previous year and who have Social Security Number or EIN.


How many product lines does Ardyss have?

There are 3 product lines in Ardyss: Reshaping, Nutrition and Skin Care. Each line includes a wide range of products.

Where are Ardyss International products manufactured?

Ardyss has its own laboratories and factories, Farmers and Nutritionist in various parts of the world. All Ardyss products undergo rigorous testing and trials to assure the highest quality.