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Independent Healthcare Distributor Consultant in Herbal Medicine Are NEEDED

Independent Health Distributor Needed

A new remote platform aimed at empowering patients to find natural and holistic approaches to chronic conditions. The telehealth platform expands the reach of integrative medicine through video consultations with licensed naturopathic doctors, advanced in-home laboratory testing, and highly customized natural treatment plans. Herbalists work with a wide variety of plants to determine appropriate treatments for patients.

In this profession, alternative methods of healing and natural forms of medication are used. Herbalists keep up with the healing properties of plants and herbs to treat their patients, offering a natural alternative to modern medicine. Many herbalists either treat patients through a private practice, or as part of a holistic medicine clinic. Typically, they see patients to understand their ailments or health conditions and determine the best treatment plans based on the patients’ needs. Herbalists work in the same manner as traditional physicians, beginning with patient consultations, working through the diagnosis, and providing an appropriate treatment plan.

It is important for an herbalist to keep up with current trends and medical findings. More importantly, herbalists must keep up with newer practices of medicine including new plants and herbs available as healing properties. Herbalists work in a teaching role as well, especially since this is a new, up and coming type of medicine.

Holistic medicine clinics often hire herbalists to work on staff, where they are part of a team. With this type of medicine, healthier and natural alternatives are used to heal patients. Therefore, herbalists sometimes work in conjunction with aromatherapists specialists. Herbalists keep up with other holistic approaches, in addition to keeping track of the plants that heal their own patients. Therefore, herbalists spend a great deal of time educating themselves, and dealing with appropriate methods of patient care so they can serve those who come to them for natural healing. 

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