Cleanses and Exfoliates Skin Anti Inflammatory & Anti Bacterial Nourishes Skin & Helps Heal Skin -  Created in Lebanon.


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Black Seed Soap Cleanses and Exfoliates the Skin and it is an Anti Inflammatory & Anti Bacterial Soap and Nourishes Skin & Helps Heal All Skin Types - Created in Lebanon:

Black seeds are also known as black caraway, black cumin, kalonji, and black onion seeds. People can ingest black seed oil in the form of capsules or apply it topically to benefit the skin. It is also possible to add the oil to massage oils, shampoos, homemade skin-care products, and fragrances. They come from Nigella sativa, a small plant with pale purple, blue, or white flowers that grows in the Original Black Cultures of Eastern Europe and Asia, and the Middle East.

People have used the tiny black seeds of the fruits of N. sativa as a natural remedy for thousands of years. The seeds can also flavor curries, pickles, and bread in a similar way to cumin or oregano. Black seed oil contains thymoquinone, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that may also have tumor-reducing properties.

Herbal studies suggest that this oil may offer many health and cosmetic benefits, such as aiding weight loss, improving skin conditions, and even treating chronic conditions such as cancer and diabetes. It is a safe and natural, non-comedogenic oil known to gradually heal blemishes, old scarring and rejuvenate the skin’s elasticity.

HAIR & SKIN SUPERFOOD: This blackseed oil supplement also helps support thick, lustrous hair and glowing skin. Powerful omegas, amino acids and antioxidants naturally-occurring in black seed oil work together to help add strength and fullness to the hair and support youthful-looking skin

POWERFUL PORES IMMUNE SUPPORT: Organic, cold-pressed, and 100% pure, our Black Seed Oil Liquid is packed with super antioxidants nigellone and thymoquinone, which may help maximize healthy cell activity in the body and keep your immune system strong.

Ingredients: Haitian Vetiver Oil, Purified water, organic honey, apricot seed powder, black seeds oil, turmeric and Vitamin E

Saponified oils: Organic oil, natural shea butter, coconut oil, black-seed oil, oud essential oil, purified water, honey, 

Haitian Vetiver Essential Oil is derived from the tall grasses that grow in volcanic areas of India and Haiti and its aroma is very earthy and grounding. Vetiver Essential Oil has the ability to connect you with Mother Nature all year round.


Silicones, Mineral oil, Palm oil, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Polyethylene, Sulfates, GMOs, DEA/TEA, Phthalates, Drying Alcohol, Synthetic dyes or fragrances, Gluten, Animal by-products.