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Abdo Men Under T-Shirt Shapewear

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Everyday Abdomen Support!

Guys this men’s Shapewear is designed to give you firm abdominal support and to reinforce the lower back. SHORTS NOT INCLUDED! This shirt can reduce the appearance of the waist up to 2 sizes and helps to give you a fitter look.


  • Reinforces and compresses for a fitter appearance
  • Provides immediate aesthetic results
  • Reduces your waist up to 2 sizes
  • Helps support the back

SIZES AND MEASUREMENTS: XXS (30"-33"), XS (34"-37"), S (38"-40"), M (41"-44"), (45"-48"), XL (49"-52"), XXL (53"-56").

Know your size

Available in colors: Black and White

WARNING: Consult your physician prior to use if you are subject to back, neck, circulatory or other conditions that may be exacerbated by the use of this product.

How to measure your chest: Wrap the tape measure around your chest line, making sure that the tape crosses the peak of the chest line but in a way that it is not too tight. 

If you do not see your size, we will assist you with the size you should purchase when you send a message with your measurement before purchasing. This is called a special size. 

As a genuine Ardyss Wellness Consultant and wholesaler distributor, I would encourage you to make your first purchase so that you can be aware of the many products available to help you to make a commitment to changing your life. I am available 24 hours 7 days a week to help you to purchase the products that will reshape your body. You will be eligible for all promotional offers to get garments free or with discounts each time you purchase. Please ask about becoming a distributor. 

We ship all products within 5 business days of receiving your payment and offer to ship in the U.S and Internationally. Ground shipping within the U.S will take 2-3 business days. UPS, and USPS will be used for all international shipments and will also take 5 days for delivery to the country pending normal customs clearance.

Ardyss Exchange Policy:

Exchanges are guaranteed 30 days from the date you receive your order. There will be no exchanges after 30 days so inspect your product upon arrival. If you are dissatisfied with your garment, notify me and send the product as per instructions which will be in your package. Please send it in the original packaging with the original tag in place, unwashed, clean and folded. Only garments returned in perfect condition will be exchanged.  Exchanges of one product for another size or color can be made, but there will be a 15 percent restocking fee. No exchange will be made for promotional items, discontinued items or for special sizes greater than the size selection in my store. Garments will only be exchanged ONCE due to the intimate nature of the garments, therefore you will be responsible to make sure that your second measurement is accurate as this will be a final sale. In the event that you receive a product with a manufacturing defect, this will be replaced immediately by another of the same color and size. The default warranty applies for a problem of origin, not for the improper use of the product. Only garments returned in perfect condition may be exchanged. Please include a copy of the invoice in the package with the products you want to exchange. In the event that we cannot make the exchange in 14 days after we receive your package, we will automatically refund you for the product, less the shipping charges. 

We also ship WORLD WIDE so please let me know if your country is excluded.

Please communicate with me before you open a return. Simple issues can be worked out and resolved through communication.


The Ardyss Skin Care and Cosmetic lines are quite impressive, as well. The same company that manufactures Estee Lauder also created the skin care line that Ardyss offers. And, the makers of MAC Cosmetics produce Ardyss' line of makeup. As you research, consumers can be sure they are still getting a high-quality product even if they aren't familiar with the Ardyss name, yet. Our Garments are made by an Orthopedic with natural Medical compression materials, an easy One size Fit all and designed to last.

How to use

Supplements: Take two capsule per day with or without food.

Liquids Herbs: Take two shots to the head or Mix 2 table spoons in a glass of water or juice (8 oz.). Take 2 to 3 times a day.

Garments: Know Your Right Size

Men: All you need to do is take the item by the strap and then put it on from below like putting on your pants then raise it little by little until you reach the shoulders. Watch Now and the Before and After

Women: Please Watch How to put on garments. Watch Now

Healing Transformations : When you first put it on, expect a bit of discomfort for around 5-7 days, as the vest will adjust to your body. Over time, we recommend gradually prolonging your wearing duration so you can start seeing transformations quicker! You can exercise, eat, work, and so much more while wearing this vest, and eventually, you won't even realize it's there. Combining healthy eating with our vest will jumpstart your results and WILL give you that slim body you want! 


How does your shipping work? We have alliances with companies such as UPS or USPS, where depending on how much your package weighs, the service it will be shipped through. USPS: 1-8 lbs. UPS: 8+ lbs

How long will it take for my order to arrive? Due to customization our shipping has a 5-7 business days time frame but it can vary depending on different factors. Email us for further details.

Do you ship internationally? Yes, we do. If you are outside The US and Canada, you can also send us an email to request special shipping to your country.

Return policy

At Ardyss we stand behind the products we sell. Simply follow the next Steps and read our Exchange, returns and refund policy Here


“The price for freedom may be high, but the price that we pay for being imprisoned and cut off from the very root of our being is even higher.”
Queen Afua, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit


    Undergarments are the most poorly-documented garments in history yet they shaped bodies, minds, and soul.

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  • Combination with Liquid Herbs & Supplements

    We are focused on the complimentary delivery of wellness care, which includes help with the following: Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Hormone imbalance. Immune system support. Athletic performance improvement. Antioxidant support. Inflammation reduction. Improved sleep quality. Please visit us on our Wellness Monthly Events Here

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    Yoni is female vagina and Lingam is the male phallus. Cleansing the body removes sweat, oil, dirt and other pollutants that your skin naturally collects throughout the day and night. It’s the first step in your new simple skin body care routine.

    How to do it: Cleanse your skin in the morning and in the evening to keep your pores clear and your face fresh. Your cleanser may vary based on skin type, but with all cleansers, the general consensus is to apply them using an upward, circular motion so as to prevent wrinkles from forming.

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