Lemon Soap
Lemon Soap

Lemon Soap

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Try Wen Body Magic Line of Lemon Soap. A balanced cold process soap recipe with fresh lemon zest for color and shea butter for moisture, this lemon soap recipe is refreshing and beautiful.  

Lemons for Skin Whitening is not a new concept, it has been used for thousands of years, dated back to ancient times. If you have a sensitive skin and cannot withhold the irritation caused by citric acid in the lemons, then you can choose potato as it has amazing skin lightening properties just like lemon and very mild to the skin. 

Since ancient times, lemons have been seen as a blessed fruit, for their extraordinary healing and above all, energetic qualities. Lemons preserve, purifie, protect and drives away evil spirits.

It is also an excellent thermometer to detect negative activity. The lemon has 2 natural allies, water and the moon. Every spell with lemons must be combined with water and spend at least one night exposed.


What makes Lemon So Effective for Skin Whitening?

  1. Vitamin C present in lemons lightens dark spots and patches.
  2. The anti-oxidants present in it act as anti-aging.
  3. It is helpful in removing excess oil and sebum from the skin pores.
  4. The acidic nature of it kills bacteria and reduces formation of new pimples.
  5. It has natural bleaching properties which can penetrate easily into the skin and reduce the melamine production.
  6. It removes dead cells and encourages the production of new and healthy cells.
  7. It helps to tighten large pores, deep cleanse the pores and refresh the skin.