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Oud Soap

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Would you believe that an essential OUD oil secured from infected wood commands a higher price than gold? I know it sounds unbelievable! However, the story with Agarwood oud oil, or Oud as it is known in the Middle East.

Agarwood is the resinous heartwood formed in infected trees of the evergreen Aquilaria and Gyrinops tree families, native to southeast Asia.

Agarwood oud oil Can Improve Skin Health
Agarwood oud oil is an anti-inflammatory which makes it useful for any skin condition that features redness, swelling, irritation or puffiness.

This precious wood and its oud oil have a deep spiritual history and significance, and they are mentioned in the oldest spiritual texts.

  • Agarwood is said to be the favorite fragrance of Lord Krishna, God of Protection.
  • The Buddha taught that the fragrance of burning Agarwood is the “scent of Nirvana” (the state of attaining Divinity).
  • Samurai warriors perfumed their armor with Agarwood smoke for good luck before going into battle.
  • Agarwood oud oil is considered to be a unique oud oil of rescue, able to offer healing from emotional trauma. It is also claimed that this oud oil has a highly powerful balance effect on the electrical frequencies of the brain.
  • In Ayurveda, Agarwood is used primarily for its warming qualities and for its deep effects on the mind when burnt as incense. The powdered heartwood is also used as a treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, vomiting and anorexia. Agarwood oud oil is recommended for augmenting mental clarity, opening the third eye and all of the chakras in the upper part of the body.

Ingredients: Haitian Vetiver Oil, Purified water, organic honey, apricot seed powder, black seeds oil, turmeric and Vitamin E

Saponified oils: Organic oil, natural shea butter, coconut oil, black-seed oil, oud essential oil, purified water, honey, 

Haitian Vetiver Essential Oil is derived from the tall grasses that grow in volcanic areas of India and Haiti and its aroma is very earthy and grounding. Vetiver Essential Oil has the ability to connect you with Mother Nature all year round.


Silicones, Mineral oil, Palm oil, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Polyethylene, Sulfates, GMOs, DEA/TEA, Phthalates, Drying Alcohol, Synthetic dyes or fragrances, Gluten, Animal by-products.